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Don’t let your technology solutions hold your business back

IT for Growth understand that IT spend is a significant part of a business’s investment. And let’s be honest, that stuff is expensive, complex, fragile, and always needs to be replaced sooner than you expect.

So is IT just a necessary expense? Something you forget about when it is working and rail against when it goes wrong.

Have you ever stopped to think about what your IT is for? Not the mechanics of what it does, but how it adds value to your business.

Our approach is simple.

IT has two tasks. To increase operational efficiency and to help you make better business decisions. That’s it. Everything should boil down to these two things and if your IT is not helping you do these things, then it is not doing its job.

Our approach is to work with you to help you understand how IT can transform your business performance and liberate the value from your IT budget.

High potential startups

If you are in the launch phase of an exciting new venture and have big plans and ambitions, you need to get your IT foundations right.

High growth businesses

Are you becoming a victim of your own success? As you grow rapidly as a business, you need to ensure your IT helps you with scale without losing efficiency.

Established businesses

As a business with a strong trading history, now is the time to leverage your investment in IT to help you keep your market position against hungry new entrants.

IT for Growth, Make smarter decisions, Improve management oversight, Create efficient processes, Keep information safe, Ensure productivity, Have reliable IT systems

what makes for business success?

Creating and sustaining a successful business is complex. We don’t deny that.

Having worked with many businesses, large and small, we have often been brought in to solve a specific problem or fix some IT. Although having IT up and running is essential, it won’t necessarily help you achieve the key things you need for success.

That’s why when we are working with our clients we make sure that our recommendations and suggestions are supporting them to do the things they need for success

  • Make smarter decisions
  • Improve management oversight
  • Create efficient processes
  • Keep information safe
  • Ensure productivity
  • Have reliable IT systems


We worked with fast-growing young business Myenergi as they needed IT systems, software, and processes that would keep up with their growth and the changing demands of the business.



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